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I have a pewter glaze cabinet in my bathroom what color should I paint the walls?

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  1. Pewter glaze works well with other subdued pastel colors. Most people use a very light olive green or a frosty, sky blue color to accent any metallic texture. These colors work well and remain neutral enough so as not to overly-personalize a space, which can be detrimental if you look to sell the property in the future.

  2. I think that you should paint your bathroom a neutral gray. Gray works well for bathrooms and especially with a pewter glaze as well. What you should do is go to Home Depot and pick out colors and shades of gray that you think will work well. The gray should be a deep color although it can be light or dark. But remember you want to go for something deep that will bring out your cabinets as well.

  3. When choosing a wall color to complement a pewter glaze cabinet in a bathroom, opt for shades that will enhance the overall aesthetic. Neutral tones such as soft grays, warm whites, or muted blues work well to create a harmonious and elegant look. These colors will allow the pewter glaze cabinet to stand out while maintaining a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, consider incorporating accents of metallic finishes or natural textures to add depth and visual interest to the space. By selecting a subtle and sophisticated color palette, you can achieve a balanced and timeless bathroom design that will elevate the beauty of the pewter glaze cabinet.

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