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Newborn in the house and we are painting. What is the safest paint?

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  1. When painting with a newborn in the house, it is crucial to choose a paint that is safe and non-toxic. Look for paints that are labeled as “Zero VOC” or “Low VOC” as these contain fewer harmful chemicals that can off-gas into the air. There are several on the market, I have used Mythic and like the results. This is also a non-toxic paint.

    Water-based paints are also a safer option compared to oil-based paints. Additionally, choose paints that have been certified as child-safe by reputable organizations such as Greenguard or LEED. Always ensure the room is well-ventilated during and after painting to reduce any potential exposure to harmful fumes. Taking these precautions will help create a healthier environment for your newborn while still allowing you to complete your home improvement project.

    Check-out No VOC Paint for more info.

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