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My master bath vanity is a golden oak shade with a lot of wood grain showing. I want to change the entire look of the cabinet and take it to a dark brownish black shade/black walnut and diminish the amount of wood grain that shows. I am certain the cabinet doors are solid wood and the body is composite with some kind of laminate covering. I have an identical sample to test on. Thanks for any advice.

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  1. This is doable.
    1- First a good cleaning. Use a scrubby pad and no-rinse TSP to wash and wet sand at the same time. Rince well.
    2- A oil based gel stain would work best. You will need a nice white bristle brush and some practice to get the right look. Test by applying a little and letting it dry for at least 24 hours to make sure it sticks well to the laminate.
    3- Once stain is applied, can be more than 1 coat just make sure to allow 24 hours between coats. Seal it with either a water based clear coat or a poly or varnish, your choice.

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