New Fiberglass Door

New construction, new front fiberglass door. Do I need to put any paint/primer before applying my gel stain? I am getting conflicts on application. Looks like I may have to do it myself, due to cost I have been quoted ($500.00 per door) Also, can I wait till spring to

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Moisture Damage – Peeling Texture

I had severe water and moisture damage a few years ago (it happened in January upstate NY). The textured ceiling began to crack and peel recently. Do you think it was because the ceiling was not properly repaired from all the moisture? (the water was running for 3 days while

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Is this primer good?

The primer has been stored for a while. It is very thick on the bottom; the material adheres to the stick while stirring. Is it any good?

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20th Century Cabinet – 21st Century Look

My master bath vanity is a golden oak shade with a lot of wood grain showing. I want to change the entire look of the cabinet and take it to a dark brownish black shade/black walnut and diminish the amount of wood grain that shows. I am certain the cabinet

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