Primed interior doors.


My interior doors and trim were mostly primed when we purchased them, to save money. My front door is stained mahogany and I want the interior doors to look like the front door. Also we used a gel stain on the front door. Can we achieve this look? The interior doors are just cheap doors not real wood.

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  1. You need "real wood" to simulate the look on your front door… however if you use an "Antiquing Process" you can come close to that look…

    Antiquing is basically applying a "base coat" then using special applicators, such as graining tools, steel wool, rags, small brushes etc… to apply the final Grain Color to the base coat…

  2. This can be accomplished with a satin oil base coat and gel stain. For smooth doors you will need to use a graining tool but for embossed masonite doors the simulated wood grain is enough.

    Check out <a href="">How to Create Faux Oak Wood Grain – Stain Method</a> and <a href="">Types of Wood Graining Tools</a> for more information.

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