At what point does a NEW paint become OLD paint?


At what point does a NEW, semi-gloss, latex paint become an OLD paint finish?  Another words, when painting over old paint, it’s recommended to cut the old sheen so the new paint will stick.  Most manufacturers recommend waiting on a second coat for 4 hours.  If it’s been 12-20 hours since the first coat, is it OK to paint over the old semi-gloss, or do I need to sand lightly?

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  1. After 12-20 hours since the first coat of a new semi-gloss latex paint has been applied, the paint can be considered sufficiently dried and ready for a second coat without the need to sand lightly to improve adhesion. The time frame recommended by most manufacturers for applying a second coat is typically around 4 hours, so waiting longer than that ensures the paint has had enough time to cure and bond properly. As long as the surface is clean, dry, and in good condition, applying a new coat of paint over the old semi-gloss finish after this time period should provide satisfactory results without the need for additional preparation. It’s important to follow the specific guidelines provided by the paint manufacturer to ensure the best outcome when painting over old finishes.

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