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Hello-I’m in the process of preparing to paint my ceramic tile floor, but I bought latex paint for it. What kind of primer would you recommend to use first before applying this paint? Also, I planned on finishing the job by applying a few coats of water-based urethane. Will that be durable enough to last for a while in my kitchen?

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  1. Just my opinion… but NO! NO! NO!
    Please do not apply latex paint (or any paint) to a ceramic tile floor. It will not adhere and you will have a tremendous mess to deal with.

    There are other options and non of them should include painting a ceramic tile floor.

  2. Thank you for your opinion, but I actually had to make a fast decision and I went on ahead and followed thru with painting my ceramic tile, BUT I did not finish it with any urethane of any kind, and my floor looks great!! At this time, it has been 2 weeks ago and my floor has held up to foot traffic and sweeping over it. I plan to protect it by putting an area rug on it (because it's cold to walk on), but I love it and am amazed at how easy it was to do.

    I first thoroughly cleaned the floor to rid of any grease or dirt etc. and waited for it to dry, then I put a top-of-the-line (zinsser) primer down and then painted it with my color paint, and then finished it with my faux design. My friends can't believe it was painted, so in that regard it is a success. Thanks again for your opinion though, much appreciated!

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