Garage cinder block wall

Hi, I am spot patching my garage cinder block wall (which the exterior is underground) with Drylok hydraulic cement because I had efflorescence and cracks. Prior to patching, I washed and scrubbed the wall with white vinegar and then sprayed down with water to remove some mold. I then knocked

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A Clear Mixing Glaze for Exterior?

We have a shed in our backyard that we want to paint with a weathered/driftwood technique. We used this particular technique ( on previous interior projects (doors and a mantel). Is there a clear mixing glaze that I can use that is safe for using outside? I haven’t been able

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Bathroom Paint Issue

I painted my bathroom with satin Superpaint from Sherwin Williams. It is paint and primer in one. I painted over existing paint. After applying the second coat, while it was still wet, the paint began peeling off in sheets. It peeled clean off of the drywall. It only did it

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Customary practice for painting soffits?

I hired a contractor to paint the exterior of my house, including trim. They were clear about certain exclusions – the (aluminum) fascia, the vinyl window trim – but the contract calls for them to paint the “eaves” (we agreed that referred to the bottom of the area where the

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