Cut-in paint not blending.


With the same color of eggshell paint from the same gallon, the cut-in area done by brush is lighter than the wall area done by roller. What can we do to remedy that? It really pronounces the areas close to ceiling and baseboard.

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  1. This usually happens more often to us with a flat finish than an eggshell. In my experience the following is a list of causes for this occurring.

    # Low quality paint.
    # Too much time elapsed between the cut-in and rolling.
    # Cut-in after rolling.
    # Not using a primer on new construction.
    # If the walls were new, try applying a primer over the trouble paint and then paint the walls with two coats.

    For the first concern, if the paint is a low cost paint, visit you local paint store and purchase a better quality paint.

    For the solution to the rolling technique, try <a href=""></a&gt;. Here Karl gives step by step advice on how to paint walls with a brush and roller.

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