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I painted a bedroom with a flat enamel light colored paint and notice that there are comments online regarding the dangers of crystalline silica while breathing paint fumes and sanding. I also realized it’s may only be in flat enamel. I probably would have chosen eggshell if I knew this since in the MSDS of my paint brand (Behr Prem Plus) eggshell doesn’t have it, but flat enamel does. Are there any real dangers while using this paint as a homeowner, after it cures, sanding it in a few years to repaint? I notice that non flat paints seem to use a amorphous silica which appears to be safer for the lungs, but not sure. Please advise, I purchased a no VOC low odor paint since I have bad allergies and thought I was doing a good thing until I looked into further regarding this ingredient. Thank you.

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  1. Talk to your retail supplier about this, he would be responsible in the long run for selling any potentially dangerous product… read the product label and see if it indicates any potential danger… wear lung protection masks when applying and allow plenty of ventilation while drying and for up to 2 weeks thereafter…

  2. The danger comes from sanding and the dust this creates. Flat paint will contain more as this material is what makes the sheen flat, it reduces the sheen of paints. Manufactures are trying other materials to replace crystalline silica in the near future. Mythic paint is one manufacture that doesn't use this material or any other toxins in their paint.

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