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I have a big problem.. I recently painted my dining room with my roommate. The walls were white…however, we stupidly did not use a primer. We painted the walls a cranberry red color..and soon discovered the paint was streaky..partly bc it wasn’t good quality and partly bc there was a lot of touch up spots that were showing through. We thought if we put more coats on it would be OK, but 3 coats in and it is still very streaky and uneven. The paint has a semi-gloss finish.. Could we get a flat paint in a darker a burgundy..and just paint over the cranberry color? With the darker tint and the flat finish, would that help??

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  1. Yes you can use a darker, or different, red with a lower sheen like flat. The flat will help with coverage. Also the darker color will help but it depends on the color. You could still be looking at applying 2 coats for good coverage.

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