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We’re getting ready to paint a house we just purchased. I was wondering if the inside of closets should be painted the same color as the rest of the room or left painted white.

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  1. White Closets

    I have found that painting all my closets white is very practical. If I change the color in the room I don't necessarily have to paint the closet again. Also, I now usually paint any closet when I choose to and not when the room is painted.

  2. Now is the best time to paint the closets, if you think they need painting. Typically I use the same color used in the room for most closets. The only time I use a different color is with walk-in closets. A lighter color, possibly white, brightens up a dimly lit closet.

    If you are using two different colors in a room, separate ceiling and wall colors, use the lighter color in the closet. This will add continuity to the room and color scheme.

    Closets can be left "as is" if they are in good shape. Not painting closets can save you considerable time and effort if you are doing your own painting or save you money if you hired a painting contractor.

  3. I agree with Marie. If they are white leave them white unless they need painting. I would still paint them white or an off-white because it makes it easier to see and they can remain that color no matter how often you chose to remain the room color.

  4. I respectfully but completely disagree! Your closet is the place where you can really have fun with color, because so little of the color shows and it gives a great backdrop for the clothes. Most of us have a clear idea of colors we look great in and also of colors we don't (and, one assumes, doesn't wear). Paint your color in a light but bright color that you look great in and it will be a joy to dress each day. My master closet is a fab pistachio (my fave clothing color) with cream trim and I always walk out of the house feeling beautiful.

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