Removing Dry Gel Stain From a Fiberglass Door

Painter did a very poor job using a gel stain on a very expensive fiberglass and leaded glass door. It looks pretty bad and I would like to remove the stain and have it redone by someone that knows what they are doing. Is it possible to remove that botched

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Restain Front Door

My son bought a new unfinished front door and stained it without sanding it and it looks awful!!! His stain job has streaks and it’s running all over the place. I know what you are thinking, who would do that – my son who has no experience in staining a

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Stain Drying Problem

I am refinishing my kitchen cabinets. I removed old finish, sanded, pre-conditioned it and applied Minwax gel stain. After a few dried coats, I decided that I wanted it darker so I used regular stain that I had on hand. I rolled it on with a sponge roller and left

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Need to restain a wood entry door.

We bought what looked like an oak entry door with side and top transoms. The outside was badly weathered and needed refinishing. We started by stripping and then sanding the whole unit. Many places in the weathered wood looked black, so we continued to sand. Finally, we were able to

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