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My living room has a beige rug and cherry colored oak wood. What color should I paint my walls?

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  1. There's good news, bad news, and more good news. The good news is that you are free to experiment with whatever color you like. There really are no "rules" here. Even the "rule" of avoiding painting big areas with a dark color depends on your room, your personality, the effect you want, the other adjoining rooms, the natural and artificial light available, and all kinds of subtle variables. Given your description, a rich forest green might be appropriate. The bad news: because of all these subtle variables, you'll never know exactly how it's going to look until you get the paint on the wall. There's no good way to model it, even with photo manipulation. (It's been tried!) The good news: if you experiment and it just doesn't work, re-painting is still the cheapest and most dramatic way to improve your surroundings. Upshot: go for it.

  2. I would suggest using a dark red for one accent wall, possibly behind the entertainment center or fire place. The other walls I would paint white, simply because it is pure & cleans easy. You can also use any other color of an accent against white.

  3. For a living room with a beige rug and cherry colored oak wood, a color that would complement both elements beautifully is a soft, warm gray. This neutral tone will provide a modern and timeless backdrop for the room, allowing the beige rug and cherry wood to stand out without clashing. Additionally, gray has the versatility to pair well with a wide range of accent colors, allowing you to easily change up the aesthetic of the room with different decor elements. Consider shades like greige, taupe, or even a subtle warm white to achieve a harmonious and sophisticated look in your living room.

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