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We just re-drywalled an older home. When painting we decided to use crown molding so we didn’t trim. The walls are too uneven so we had to go back and trim. The areas where the darker wall paint hit the ceiling are now covering up darker. Any good ideas how to cover up without noticeable marks or completely repainting the ceiling?

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  1. Do you think the wall color is bleeding through the ceiling paint touch-up? To effectively cover up the darker areas where the wall paint has hit the ceiling there are a couple potential solutions you can consider:

    1. **Touch-up Paint**: Use the original ceiling paint or a matching touch-up paint to carefully cover the affected areas. Make sure the paint is well blended with the existing color to achieve a seamless finish. May take 2 coats.

    2. **Painter’s Tape and Ceiling Paint**: Apply painter’s tape along the edge where the darker paint has bled onto the ceiling. Use a small brush to carefully apply ceiling paint along the tape line to cover the discolored areas. Remove the tape while the paint is still wet for crisp lines.

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