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Do I paint the spot lights in my family room ceiling the same color as my ceiling or do I leave them white? The ceiling is being painted the same color as the walls – Straw, which is a greenish/tan color depending on the lighting. There is also heavy crown molding in this room which is a glossy white.

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  1. It really depends if they are paintable. Can-Lights can have a paintable metal trim or a glossy non-paintable plastic trim. Double check this before proceeding.

    If you choose to paint the spotlights the same color as the ceiling, it can create a cohesive and harmonious look, allowing the lights to blend seamlessly with the rest of the ceiling. This approach can help the spotlights to visually disappear into the ceiling, drawing attention away from them and highlighting other design elements of the room instead. It can also contribute to a clean and uniform appearance, especially in a room with a consistent color scheme like Straw.

    On the other hand, leaving the spotlights white can provide a striking contrast against the Straw ceiling and enhance the visual impact of the lights themselves. The white spotlights will stand out and become a focal point in the room, adding a pop of brightness and creating a dynamic visual interest. This contrast can also complement the white crown molding, tying the room together and creating a balanced composition.

    Ultimately, the decision to paint the spotlights the same color as the ceiling or leave them white depends on your personal style preferences and the overall design scheme of the room. Both options have their own advantages and can contribute to the aesthetic you desire. Consider experimenting with different options, or even consulting with a professional designer, to help you make the best choice that suits your vision for the space.

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