Can I use an oil based primer over latex primer?


I know that generally speaking, you’re not supposed to paint oil paint over latex paint. But what if you’re talking primer? I tried covering sharpie marker stains on a door with latex kilz and three coats later its still showing through. I’d like to try covering with some tougher oil based kilz. Will it peel like the paint tends to or can you use oil based primer over latex primer?

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  1. First of all you absolutely CAN use Oil Paint over Acrylic Paint… it seems that many people have received the opposite info from sources that appear professional, but in reality are actually amateurish…so now why didn’t you simply use a little Lacquer Thinner on a soft rag to remove the sharpie marker stains at the beginning? this would have been the best thing to do…
    So now yes, you can use an Oil Base Stain Sealer over those marks without incident, just use a good name brand like Kilz and use an Exterior Grade version…

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