After cleaning kitchen cabinets w/ bleach, the bleach solution ran behind cabinets and left streaks over painted walls that are lighter than original color. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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  1. To address bleach streaks on painted walls caused by cleaning kitchen cabinets with bleach, you will have to repaint. Follow these steps:

    1. **Preparation**: Ensure proper ventilation in the area and use protective gear such as gloves and a mask to avoid direct contact with bleach fumes.

    2. **Cleaning Surface**: Wipe the affected area with a clean damp cloth to remove any residual bleach solution. Let it dry completely before proceeding.

    3. **Assess Damage**: Evaluate the extent of the streaks and determine if a touch-up or full repainting is needed based on the severity of discoloration. Try the touch-up method first, it might work.

    4. **Color Matching**: Obtain the original paint color used on the walls. If unsure, take a sample to a paint store for color matching.

    5. **Sanding**: Lightly sand the areas with bleach streaks to smooth out the surface and remove any raised edges left by the bleach.

    6. **Priming**: Apply a high-quality primer to the affected areas to ensure proper adhesion and coverage for the new paint to be applied. Only needed if repairs are done.

    7. **Repainting**: Using the matched paint color, carefully paint over the primed areas to blend them seamlessly with the rest of the wall. Apply multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat for better coverage.

    8. **Blending Technique**: Feather the edges of the new paint into the surrounding wall to create a smooth transition and avoid noticeable patches.

    9. **Drying Time**: Allow sufficient drying time between coats as per the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent smudging or uneven finish.

    10. **Finishing Touch**: Once the paint has fully dried, inspect the walls to ensure the streaks are no longer visible. Touch up any areas as needed for a uniform appearance.

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