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We are going to remodel our bathroom replacing our vanity from a medium oak to a dark brown and neutral colored walls, and floor. Do we need to change the medium oak trim to brown, and do we also need to stain the inside of the door brown so it would match the trim and vanity when the door is closed?

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  1. It's really up to you… it will probably look OK as is or if you ambitiously try to match everything… Good Luck

  2. Two ways to go think about it; Keep all trim consistent throughout the house or change the trim and door to reflect the new colors and finishes in this room.

    When remodeling your bathroom to feature a dark brown vanity and neutral-colored walls and floor, it fine to update the medium oak trim to complement the new color scheme. This will enhance the overall cohesion and aesthetic appeal of the space. Staining the inside of the door to match the trim and vanity would further elevate the design continuity, especially when the door is closed and visible against the surrounding elements. By aligning the trim and door with the new color scheme, you create a unified and harmonious look that exudes a sense of sophistication and design flair in your bathroom renovation project.

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