Cannot get high gloss enamel to stick.


I have sanded and primed a bathroom cupboard with an oil based primer two coats then applied the top coat but the top coat just runs and all you can see is the white undercoat. What am I doing wrong?

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  1. When encountering issues where the top coat is running and not covering the primer effectively on a sanded and primed surface, several factors could be at play. Let’s explore potential reasons and remedies:

    1. **Incompatibility of Products**: Ensure that the top coat you are using is compatible with the oil-based primer you applied. Incompatibility can lead to adhesion issues and result in the top coat not sticking well to the primer.

    2. **Improper Application**: Ensure that you are applying the top coat evenly and at the right thickness. Applying the top coat too thickly can cause it to run, especially if the primer underneath is not fully dry.

    3. **Insufficient Drying Time**: Allow adequate drying time between coats. If the oil-based primer was not fully cured before applying the top coat, it can lead to issues like poor adhesion and running of the top coat.

    4. **Temperature and Humidity**: Ensure you are painting in optimal conditions. High humidity or temperature can affect the drying time and application of the paint, leading to issues like running.

    5. **Surface Preparation**: Double-check that the surface was properly cleaned and prepared before priming. Any residue or contaminants left on the surface can affect the adhesion of the primer and top coat.

    6. **Sand Between Coats**: After priming, make sure to lightly sand the surface before applying the top coat. This can help create a smoother surface for the top coat to adhere to.

    7. **Quality of Products**: Using high-quality paints and primers can significantly influence the final outcome. Cheaper or low-quality products may not perform as well or provide adequate coverage.

    To address the issue you’re facing, consider assessing these factors and making any necessary adjustments. Sanding down the runs and recoating with the top coat after addressing the possible causes can help achieve a smoother and more uniform finish on your bathroom cupboard. Remember that patience, precision, and attention to detail are crucial when painting to achieve professional results.

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