Can primer be left on as paint?


I used the BIN primer from ZINSSER. It has a shellac in it. The owners before smoked and this is supposed to keep the smoke smell in the wall instead of in the house.

The good news is that it seems to have worked and the primer has gone on with the consistency of a semi-gloss paint. No residue comes off when I rub it either with my hands or a rag. Is there anything wrong with keeping the wall as is and not painting over it?

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  1. You must finish coat it to complete the job… it will not hold up to dirt, washing, hand contact, etc… and eventually it will peel or flake off over time…

  2. No, primer should not be left on as paint. Primer serves as a preparatory coat to provide a smooth surface for paint to adhere to, improve paint adhesion, and enhance paint durability. While primer may have some sealing properties, it is not designed or formulated to serve as a final, decorative finish like paint. Leaving primer on as paint could lead to an uneven appearance, poor color vibrancy, and lack of protection against elements like UV rays and moisture. To ensure a quality and long-lasting paint job, it is essential to apply a proper coat of paint over the primer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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