Can I use a paint/primer latex combo over oil based paint?


My bathroom is painted with an oil based gloss enamel. I would like to switch to a latex base. Can I use one of the new primer/paint combos?

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  1. Your best bet is to pick up a can of primer to prime your walls first, Killz2 or Zinsser 123 primer can be used. Since you are repainting your bathroom these primers are ideal because they protect against light water stains. After you put a coat of the primer on then you can paint your walls with your desired color paint. If the original paint color is dark you may need to apply two coats of primer and paint.

  2. Yes, you can definitely switch from oil-based gloss enamel to a latex-based paint in your bathroom. When making this transition, using a primer/paint combo is a great option. But, you will still need to properly prepare the bathroom for the new paint.

    1) Wash all surfaces with a mild soap or No-Rinse TSP.
    2) Lightly sand to roughen and degloss the surfaces.
    3) Prime with an oil based prime, Kilz Original or Zinsser Cover Stain. You can also choose a water based bonding primer.
    4) Apply your new paint after the primer has properly dried.

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