What color to paint other walls in the same room after painting an accent wall?


I’m getting ready to paint my new home after a flat paint of a beige color has been put on the walls. I have done many painting jobs in the past as far as accent walls and special effects. My question is if I choose a bold accent wall color what color do I paint the other walls in the same room. Do I choose the lighter shade on the same paint sample?

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  1. The purpose of an accent wall is to have that wall stand out from the other ones. If you choose a light shade of the same color then the accent wall will not stand out as much. Choose a light shade of a different color, but definitely not the same color. For example, if the accent wall is purple, then choose a light yellow for the other walls. If the accent wall is red, then choose a very light blue.

  2. You might want to have a look at a color wheel. It is likely that you will find the most appealing second color on the wheel opposite the accent color you've already applied. You can of course go with lighter or darker shades of the accent color. It depends very much on the room's use, the lighting and exposure and the furniture. It's a good idea to invest in little sample cans to try on some colors before you commit. Have a look at the options in early morning light, daylight, sundown and after dark. You might also check the line where two walls meet. It is common for the line to be a bit off, which makes butting differing colors a bit difficult.

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