Can flat paint be used over eggshell without priming?


I painted my daughter room red. I primed the walls, used two coats of red eggshell and some areas look darker than others. Especially around ceiling, trim and corners where trimming is needed.

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  1. Yes, a flat paint can be applied right over the satin. Make sure to use the same type of paint, example- latex over latex. If there are any significant imperfections or damages on the existing eggshell paint, it may be advisable to spot prime those areas before applying the flat paint. This can help ensure a smooth and uniform finish without any blemishes showing through the new paint.

    The dark areas can be caused by the slight differences between brushing and rolling. This can occur with any dark or bright paint that has a lot of pigment. Using the best paint that you can afford will minimize this effect.

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