Re-paint oil base semi gloss paint with satin oil base.

Can you re-paint oil base semi gloss paint with another color oil base without sanding or priming? My bathroom walls and ceiling are painted with alkyd base white semi-gloss paint. I want to repaint it in a Yellow with alkyd base paint in a velvet or satin sheen. The walls

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Best Kind of Paint?

I have always used Semi-Gloss paint because it is easy to clean and I am fixing to repaint my whole house. I do not like flat paint. Which is best to use, Eggshell, Satin, or Semi-Gloss? Someone told me that semi-gloss doesn’t go on as smooth. Is this true?

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Paint On Ceiling

I got paint on the ceiling when I was painting the walls. How could I fix it without doing the whole ceiling? Any tips?

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A Splatter Disaster

I splattered my kids room a few years ago. So now we are changing the theme and I sanded it and then primed then painted two coats of paint. Some marks are showing through the paint. And, just to let you know it was done with a good quality acrylic

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Painting Over Wall Murals

I want to know how many coats of primer do I need to cover my wall murals? I’ve painted Dinosaurs in my son’s room (and sports themed in my others) and the colors that I need to cover up are black, burgundy, hunter green, etc. (dark colors for the sports

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