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We have a brick house with 11 windows and eaves around it. How do we calculate the amount of paint needed?

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  1. Paint coverage averages 250-300 sq/ft per coat on a smooth surface. Measure the large areas (height and width in feet), multiply together to get square feet and divide by 250 or 300 = gallons needed to paint these areas. Windows and entry doors won't take much, pint per coat.

    Calculating the amount of paint needed for your brick house with 11 windows and eaves, follow these steps:

    1. Measure the surface area of the brick walls. Calculate the area of each wall (length x height) and add the total area of all walls together.
    2. Calculate the total area of the windows and eaves by measuring their dimensions (length x height) and adding them together.
    3. Subtract the total area of windows and eaves from the total surface area of the walls to determine the net surface area that needs to be painted.
    4. Estimate the coverage of the paint you will be using. Most paint cans provide information on coverage per gallon.
    5. Divide the net surface area to be painted by the coverage per gallon to determine the total number of gallons needed.
    6. Consider factors like the number of coats needed, surface texture, and wastage when calculating the final amount of paint required.

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