Restaining exterior rough cedar garage door.

My garage doors are rough cedar and they are not in terrible condition, so I would like to restain them while they are just beginning to need it. They receive the west sun. What preparation do I need to make before applying the new stain?

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Latex paint over oil primer on exterior?

Very confused here. Have been using SW A-100 oil primer on exterior of 1897 home, top-coating with Duration. Is this compatible? Wondering if need to switch to a latex or acrylic based on some comments. Also, harsh south exposure; What is best to use as topcoat for less fading, more

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Porch Floor

A painter painted my back porch with a house paint same as was used on the house. Then he put a solid stain over the floor. I want to change the color. What do I do??

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Stain Kitchen Cabinets

I have light oak cabinets in my kitchen whose finish is either nearly worn away, or looks like new. To refinish the cabinets with a darker, reddish tint, is it necessary to strip off all of the existing finish?

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