Bubbling and cracking wet paint.


Paint is bubbling and cracking while still wet. Paint is Behr latex gloss enamel on a metal door prepared with grabber primer. Is there a solution for this happening?

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  1. The bubbling and cracking of paint while still wet on a metal door can be attributed to several factors: surface contamination, inadequate surface preparation, improper paint application, or incompatible paint products. To address this issue, it is crucial to ensure the metal door is properly cleaned, sanded, and primed before applying the paint. Additionally, using a compatible primer and paint system is essential to prevent delamination and cracking.

    2 additional possible causes;

    1- Door is hot while painting. Paint could bubble or blister when applied to a hot surface. Paint the door when it is cool to the touch.

    2- A reaction with the primer. Reprime with another type, example- use an oil base instead of an acrylic.

    If the problem persists use a different paint. It could be the Behr paint.

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