Need to bid 144 L x 40 W x 26 H building outside with 4 stairwells. What is the formula for this?

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  1. Formula? The only real formula is based on EXPERIENCE… knowing 1.How much paint and materials the job will take and what is your cost 2.How long will it take to complete (for one man) and what do you want to charge for that… 3. And what is your Overhead (advertising, equipment expenses, insurance etc.)

    Add it all up and submit your bid…

  2. To calculate the bid for a building exterior with specific dimensions and features such as stairwells, the formula to use is as follows:

    First, calculate the surface area of the building by using the formula:

    Surface Area = 2h(l+w) + 2lw

    Next, determine the surface area of the stairwells by calculating the surface area of one stairwell and then multiplying it by the total number of stairwells:

    Stairwells Surface Area = Total Number of Stairwells x (2h(l+w) + 2lw)

    Finally, add the surface areas of the building and the stairwells together to get the total surface area that needs to be bid on:

    Total Surface Area = Surface Area + Stairwells Surface Area

    By using this formula and inputting the specific dimensions of the building (length, width, height) and the number of stairwells (4 in this case), one can accurately calculate the bid for the project. This formula ensures that all aspects of the building exterior are considered in the bidding process, leading to a comprehensive and accurate estimate for the job.

    Now you need to figure out a price based on what you need to make and the material costs, etc. There’s lots to consider.

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