Bid a 96 sq/ft stairway.


Curious, how to bid painting walls & the ceiling of a stairway that is 96 sq. ft.?

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  1. To bid painting the walls and ceiling of a stairway that is 96 sq. ft., follow these steps:

    1. Calculate the total square footage to be painted: Measure the length and height of the walls to determine the square footage for painting. For a stairway, remember to account for both the walls and the ceiling.

    2. Determine the type of paint needed: Consider factors such as the surface material, existing paint condition, and desired finish. This will help in estimating the quantity and cost of paint required.

    3. Estimate the quantity of paint needed: Calculate the total area to be painted (walls and ceiling combined) and consult the paint manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the coverage per gallon. Divide the total square footage by the coverage per gallon to get an estimate of the number of gallons needed.

    4. Consider preparation work: Factor in any surface preparation work such as patching holes, sanding, priming, and masking off areas to be protected. This will impact both the time and materials required for the project.

    5. Calculate labor costs: Determine the number of hours required to complete the job based on the size of the area, complexity of the surfaces, and any additional preparation or finishing work. Multiply the total hours by your desired labor rate to calculate the labor cost.

    6. Include overhead and profit margin: Add overhead costs such as equipment rental, transportation, insurance, and administrative expenses to the total materials and labor costs. Apply a profit margin to ensure a sustainable business operation.

    By following these steps and considering all the factors involved, you can accurately bid on painting the walls and ceiling of a stairway, ensuring a fair price that covers all expenses and allows for a reasonable profit margin.

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