Behr Sateen finish paint.


I have been using Behr Sateen finish paint on the mouldings and trim throughout my house. Now, I need more and they’ve discontinued that finish. What else might compare to that finish? Home Depot pushed it as the great kitchen and bath finish, etc, and I really loved it, but now I’m stuck with it in several rooms, since the trim is continuous. I tried emailing Behr directly, but got no reply.

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  1. Finding a good replacement paint should be easy, there are several very good interior paints on the market. My favorite is Benjamin Moore Regal.

    The color of your current paint can be matched by any good paint store, not a problem, but an exact sheen match isn't possible. This won't be too much of a problem for base boards but vertical surfaces will show if you try touching up the original with a new paint. After choosing a good replacement paint you will need to use it on a room by room basis.

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