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What color would you paint the crown molding around a bathroom sink mirror? The vanity is white with black pulls and the counter top is black granite. The floor is an off white tile, woodwork is atrium white which includes a chair rail, the walls are painted a soft green on the upper and a darker green on the bottom similar to an army green (fairly dark).

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  1. Paint it white as it would match the vanity and some of the floor tiles. You do not want to go with too many different color especially in a bathroom, unless that is the look your going for. This bathroom though seems to have lighter more calm color so the white would be a good fit.

  2. I would paint the crown molding with white because it makes the mirror stand out more. At the same time since it is an item you are going to look at every day you do not want it to be too dark. The white and green should go nicely together to give a lighter feel to the room because it sounds like the room has a lot of dark colors already.

  3. For a bathroom with a white vanity, black pulls, black granite countertops, off-white tile flooring, atrium white woodwork, and green walls (soft green on the upper and darker green on the bottom), the ideal color for the crown molding around the sink mirror would be **black**. Black will tie in with the black elements in the space, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look. It will also provide a bold contrast against the white woodwork and blend seamlessly with the black pulls on the white vanity. This choice of color will add depth and dimension to the room, enhancing the overall aesthetic and complementing the existing color scheme perfectly.

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