Covering up stencil?

We are going to paint our bathroom and there is a brushed in paint stenciling around the top of the wall. Can I just paint over the stenciling with a quality paint with primer in it? Or will I need to do something else?

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Bathroom Door

We are going to remodel our bathroom replacing our vanity from a medium oak to a dark brown and neutral colored walls, and floor. Do we need to change the medium oak trim to brown, and do we also need to stain the inside of the door brown so it

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Paint Blistering and Bubbling on Ceiling

I am repainting the living room and the ceiling paint is cracking in some spots. There is also a spot where the paint is bubbling up. I took a scraper and started to scrape off the paint and the paint keeps peeling off as if it isn’t stuck to the

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Which polyurethane is the best for wood that is dry?

I have a t&g pine ceiling. Our fireplace has made the wood very dry in places. The ceiling was clear coated before. I was told to use oil base polyurethane to put moisture back into the wood. I would rather use water based polyurethane because the fumes are not as

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Used bad latex primer, what do we do?

We used a latex primer that was left over from whenever. We used it on some hollow core doors and trim. The primer was left to dry and now gives off an odor much like vomit. Will the finish coat of latex paint mask this smell when it dries or

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