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I’m painting 20000 sq/ft of property. If the base boards are three inch, what is that in linear ft?

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  1. To calculate the linear feet of baseboards for a 20,000 sq/ft property with 3-inch baseboards, we first need to convert the square footage to linear feet. Given that baseboards typically run along the perimeter of a room, the linear footage is equal to the sum of all sides of the room.

    20,000 sq/ft is equal to 20000 * 12 = 240,000 linear inches. To convert this to linear feet, we divide by 12 inches per foot: 240,000 linear inches ÷ 12 = 20,000 linear feet.

    Next, to find the linear footage of the baseboards, we must consider that each linear foot of baseboard consists of two parts (top and bottom) equal to 3 inches each. Therefore, the total linear footage of baseboards needed is:
    20,000 linear feet * 2 (for top and bottom) * 3 inches/12 = 10,000 linear feet of baseboards.

    In conclusion, to paint a 20,000 sq/ft property with 3-inch baseboards, you will require 10,000 linear feet of baseboards.

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