A white paint color for inside trim.


What is a good color for painting inside trim? I want a white color.

My doors are painted antique white by Glidden. What color white would look best with the doors? Should I paint the doors to match the trim, once the trim is painted white? I did not want to paint the doors if I didn’t have to.. I have a small condo everything flows into one room. You see all the doors at once.

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  1. If the doors are in good shape, don't need painting, then don't paint them. You have a couple of choices concerning the trim.

    1) Paint the trim the same antique white as the doors. This provides continuity to the color scheme. This is a safe way too paint.

    2) Choose a contrasting white that will make the doors and trim stand out. A bright white would do this. This is a bold way too paint.

    You have a lot of choices when choosing a white. There are dozens of whites; blue whites, tan whites, grey whites. It's enough to drive a person batty.

    If you want a contrasting white, choose a white that has the colors as antique white but is lighter (whiter). A good way to test different colors is to choose 2-3, buy a quart of each and paint a door frame and casing trim with each color. Now sit back and look at each color. While you are at it paint one with the same antique white as the doors. This way you can see all of the possibilities.

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