How to make pre-painted T1-11 look pickled?


My husband and I are purchasing a house that has a nice heated and cooled sun room. At one time, this room was an open patio. The room has two walls that are T One Eleven wood siding that has been painted brown (exterior paint).
I would like to find out how I would go about painting these two walls to resemble Grey Pickled wood. All the websites that I go to talk only about using raw wood or sanding the wood. Sense this is not possible with the T One Eleven and I am not able to replace it with new T One Eleven, I am in a quandary as to what to do.

Can you help me? I am sure that the paint that is on the T One Eleven is latex.

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  1. Try painting with a solid grey color, then after it drys give it a “wash coat” with a thinned down off-white paint…

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