Cut in line darker than rest of the walls.


I did my cut in’s on top of the walls and after I painted the rest of the walls with a roller, waited for 4 hrs and cut in and painted the walls again for a second coat, and after about 6-7hrs later the cut in areas look darker than rest of the walls.

Do I start all over by priming and start from scratch or will rolling on another coat of paint even the color out? Thanks

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  1. I will assume you used a flat latex paint. If so, then no you do not need to use a primer and start over.

    For what should be the final coat, visit Karl's page <a href="">Painting Walls</a>.

    One common mis-step with homeowners is taking too long between the cutting and rolling. The way to avoid this is to cut and roll one wall at a time. If you are using a flat finish this is even more important as the "hat-banding" effect is more apt to happen.

    If you are still not able to get the results you would like, try a satin or eggshell finish as they are more forgiving in this regard.

  2. This is a common problem, after you cut in, you end up putting additional coats of paint on using a roller until the dark cut in lines disappear. After you cut in the second time you can roll the wall an additional coat or two (without cutting in again) until it all blends in. What I like to do is cut in and as soon as I cut in a section of wall, I use the smaller "hot dog rollers" and roll over the cut in. This blends in the paint to the same thickness and texture as the rest of the wall finish after you roll. It will even out the line at the end of the cut in that is made when using a brush.

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