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We are currently building a new home consisting of 8000 sq ft. My husband and I were going to paint it ourselves however our builder is promoting a painter who is a friend. Can you advise a fair price?

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  1. It is next to impossible to give you a quote over the net. Many things come into play- spraying, brush and roller, and rooms, colors, cuts, patching, trim, sheens, and height.

    So what I recommend is looking into this company, see how long they have been around, what type of advertising they do, how many crew members they have. This will help tell you how invested they are into themselves. A well invested company is not going to over charge. This would cause them to have a bad name and they are more likely to give you a great product. If they give you a bad product or over charge you they will lose a good mouth customer. A good customer tells 5 friends a mad customer tells everyone. A well invested company will lose all that investment if they change their name, and that is the only way to get away from a bad word of mouth. Remember you may be able to work it out through bartering, they come in at $2,000 you say can you do it at $1,200 and see where it lands. But when you do this you may lose quality, after all they are a business too and need to pay insurance, advertising, phones, employees, and other bills. Average cost is around $50-$75 an hr. for a 3-5 man crew. So the less they make the less attention to detail they can acquire. Hope this helps

  2. In our area of the country, homes of this size usually have several upgrades. Examples are multi-layered crown mould, and abundance of cabinets, eight foot doors as opposed to 6'8" doors and wood on the interior of the windows. All of these factors will affect the per foot price, but if I were to give you a start point it would begin a $5.50 per square foot of heated and cooled area. Over sized garage, numbers of colors and amount of exterior surface painted will affect this guestimate.

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