Clear varnish over painted wood.


I have made some lawn ornaments from plywood cutouts, primed and then painted with exterior paint. There is white in the Santa beard and everything I have found in a marine varnish turns it yellow. Is there a better recommended product I can use that will give some protection from the sun and weather but will remain clear? Thanking you in advance for your help…….

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  1. An acrylic urethane is a good finish to use. Before applying the acrylic urethane, make sure the painted surface is clean, dry, and free of any dust or debris. Apply the sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions, typically using a brush, roller, or sprayer. Multiple thin coats are often recommended for optimal protection.

    Acrylic sealers are known for their ability to dry clear and remain that way over time, unlike some marine varnishes that can yellow when exposed to UV radiation. Look for a high-quality acrylic uretnane specifically formulated for exterior use to ensure long-lasting protection for your lawn ornaments.

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