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In my dining room I painted the color Fennel Seed by BM 1101 above chair-rail. The crown moulding and chair-rail are both painted white semi-gloss. What color should go below chair-rail. White seems so stark?

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  1. I think as a kinda "rule of thumb" you always wanna go with a darker color below the chair rail. I Googled your color (LOVE.. By the way). BUT… I am stumped! I can deff. say I would NOT go with white. As far what color I would choose, hmmm?? I just don't know. Its just so hard to say without seeing the room. Deff. NOT white though… Good luck! Hope this helps some…

  2. The color you chose is lovely and warm. You do not say whether you favor warm or cool colors, or whether you are trying to harmonize within a particular scheme.

    You are right; white below the chair-rail is too stark and drains the warmth out of that lovely Fennel Seed color. If you are going for a warm look, you might try a brick red, not too bright, with some brown in it to keep it from going too bright. If, on the other hand, you want to mix up the color scheme, you could take it over into a darkish grassy green – not too dark or it will bring the room down, just dark enough so that it doesn't have the same color value as the lighter tan above. My final thought, and again, it's because this is a dining room, is that this color would look lovely with a muted pumpkiny brown, like not bright orange but more like pumpkin pie. My last piece of advice would be to stay away from blue, except if you wanted to go very pale and aqua – in which case I would have put the pale aqua on top and this tan down below. Hope that helps and thanks for the opportunity to talk about color. What fun!

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