Most of our bedrooms have popcorn on the ceilings and in one, the popcorn is coming off. On one side of the ceiling, you can see it separating. Is it a good idea to scrape the popcorn off, and with out removing the ceiling plaster, just place the drywall on the ceiling?

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  1. Your local Paint Store usually has PopCorn or Textured Paint REPAIR KITS… try one of these… you need to "mess a bit" with it to get the PopCorn type finish similar to what you have… after you are finished repairing… you can repaint the ceiling, using a soft 3/4 in nap roller cover (wet it down and spin it out before first adding paint to it)… then roll ever so SLOWLY and LIGHTLY so as to not peel off any flocking (pop corn)… GOOD LUCK!

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