Can I apply oil-based/alklyd paint over new factory-primed wood windows?


Can I apply oil-based/alkyd paint over new FACTORY – PRIMED wood windows? I have not ordered the windows yet and would like to save trouble by getting them primed from the factory.

I am talking about the interior of the windows. I have always heard NOT to apply oil paint over latex, but I want to use oil/alkyd paint. I cannot find out whether the Pella factory uses oil-based primer or latex primer. My guess is latex.

I called the Pella number I found on their website, and they really could not answer my question.

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  1. Yes you can use an oil base paint over the factory primer. I suggest a light sanding with a medium/fine sanding sponge and vacuuming to remove the dust before painting. Often the primed wood is a little rough.

    I have done this many times with excellent results.

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