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I live in a condo/apt. and am trying to come up with a paint solution in a bedroom where regular interior paint is bubbling & peeling below a window. We cannot replace the window now; Is there any type of paint safe to use inside that is less likely to bubble & peel?

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  1. No paint should bubble or peel, if it is applied correctly… sand off the existing paint, prime it with a pigmented shellac sealer primer, then repaint… best to repaint the entire wall… HOWEVER you probably have a moisture problem due to leakage around the above window… check it, recaulk where necessary… before doing any paint repairs…

  2. Given the issue of bubbling and peeling paint below the window in your condo/apartment bedroom, it is essential to address this problem with a suitable solution. To prevent future occurrences of bubbling and peeling, consider using a moisture-resistant paint. Acrylic paint, specifically semi-gloss or high-gloss formulations, is a great option for areas prone to moisture, such as windows. This type of paint offers better protection against humidity and condensation, reducing the likelihood of bubbling and peeling.

    Before applying the new paint, it is crucial to properly prep the surface by removing all the loose and damaged paint, sanding the area smooth, and priming it with a high-quality primer designed to resist moisture. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before painting to ensure optimal adhesion.

    Additionally, considering the source of moisture that is causing the paint to bubble and peel is important. It could be due to water infiltration around the window frame, in which case addressing the root cause of the issue is crucial to prevent future paint damage. If there are any gaps or leaks around the window, sealing them with appropriate caulking can help maintain a dry environment and prolong the life of the paint job.

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