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My ceiling is very flat. I painted the ceiling semi-gloss white. When I roll back to remove the lines that are left the roller leaves flat spots. P.S. My roller cover is not a cheap cover. Please Help

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  1. It seems that the issue you are experiencing with your ceiling paint is due to a phenomenon known as “flashing.” Flashing occurs when the sheen or gloss level of paint changes due to inconsistencies in the application or drying process. In your case, the flat spots left by the roller are likely caused by variations in the thickness of the paint application, AKA dry rolling.

    To address this problem, you can try the following steps:

    Repaint: When repainting the ceiling, make sure to apply the paint uniformly using your high-quality roller cover, working in small sections to maintain consistency. Use proper painting techniques: To avoid flat spots and other imperfections, make sure to apply the paint evenly and in a consistent manner. Start with a loaded roller and make sure to blend each roller pass with the previous one to create a smooth finish.

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