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Freshly stuccoed house, just the stucco 1500 sq/ft outside.

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  1. When bidding for the painting of a freshly stucco house, it is essential to consider several key factors to provide an accurate and competitive quote. First, assess the size of the house and the amount of stucco surface that needs to be covered. Calculate the quantity of paint needed based on the type and quality of paint selected. If you use regular house paint then priming the stucco is needed. If you use an elastomeric or a masonry coating, like Loxon XP, then a large airless sprayer is needed but usually no priming. In either way back rolling to fill the pores is needed.

    Next, consider the labor costs involved in preparing the stucco surface for painting. This can include caulking around windows or trim and applying primer if necessary. Factor in the time and manpower required for these tasks. Also for just the stucco all trim will need masking. So figure some extra materials and labor for that.

    Additionally, take into account any special considerations such as intricate detailing, multiple colors, or unique architectural features that may influence the complexity of the project and the cost of materials and labor.

    It is crucial to also consider the overhead costs of running your business, such as insurance, licenses, equipment, and transportation expenses. These costs should be factored into your bid to ensure a sustainable profit margin.

    It all comes down to the labor involved and and amount and price of the materials used.

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