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I live in Upstate NY. My house is 121 yrs. old. The previous owner painted the house before we bought it 6 yrs. ago. It looks like they used lead paint. A lot of crackling and chipping has occurred in the old paint. I am wondering what would be the best primer (type) and paint to use over the old paint while taking into consideration I live in the north-east where we have long cold winters.
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  1. First allow me to suggest with certainty that lead based paint was not used. This product has not been available for consumer use since 1972. Any products manufactured prior to that time would have long ago been past there useful time.

    Now, to answer your concern, any house built prior to 1960 most certainly has had lead based paint used on the exterior. Even so, this is not the cause of your problem. The cause is the amount of build-up of paint. This is what is causing the cracking and chipping of the coating.

    The previous owner might have painted the house with an inferior "color" coating in order to sell the house and if this was done, it could have exacerbated to problem.

    To be legally correct, I must refer you to the EPA website for lead renovations for the process required to remove any coatings on any house built prior to 1978.

  2. Thanks for your reply Jay. We've removed the paint that would come of with a power washer. There is however, still quite a bit of area where the paint did not come off. I'm hoping to just prime and paint over what's there. If it starts peeling I'm gonna pull out my hair 🙂

  3. When dealing with an old house that may have lead paint present, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your family and the environment. The best primer to use in this situation is a high-quality bonding primer specifically designed to encapsulate lead paint. Look for products that are labeled as lead encapsulating primers to ensure maximum effectiveness in sealing in any potential lead hazards.

    After applying the appropriate primer, opt for a high-quality exterior paint that is durable and can withstand the harsh weather conditions of Upstate NY, such as long cold winters. Consider using an acrylic-based paint as it offers excellent adhesion, flexibility, and durability. Look for paints that are formulated for exterior use and are resistant to cracking, fading, and mildew growth.

    In addition to choosing the right primer and paint, proper surface preparation is key to achieving a long-lasting finish. Make sure to thoroughly clean and scrape off any loose or peeling paint, don’t sand as this create lead dust, and consider applying an additional coat of primer for added protection.

    Lastly, always follow safety guidelines when working with old paint that may contain lead. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and a respirator, and dispose of any lead-contaminated materials properly according to local regulations. By taking these precautions and using the right primer and paint, you can refresh the look of your historic home while maintaining a safe and durable finish that will withstand the elements for years to come.

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