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Can chrome be painted in brush color?

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  1. You can buy specialty primer and paints at your local auto paint store designed for this purpose. They will work better than anything at your local hardware store.

  2. Painting chrome surfaces with brush-on paint can be challenging due to the smooth and non-porous nature of chrome. However, with proper preparation and the right technique, it is possible to paint chrome using brush-on colors. The key steps include thorough cleaning and sanding of the chrome surface to promote adhesion, applying a high-quality adhesion promoter or primer specifically designed for metal surfaces, and using acrylic or enamel paint that adheres well to metal. It is important to apply multiple thin coats of paint to achieve an even and durable finish, allowing proper drying time between each coat. Additionally, a clear coat can be applied to protect the painted surface and provide a glossy finish.

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