Average coverage for 1 gallon of paint?


When estimating the amount of material required for a job a typical gallon of latex paint will cover on average how much with one coat?

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  1. A good average is 300 sq/ft per gallon. Of course it depends on the texture and porosity of what you are painting.

    A typical gallon of latex paint will cover on average 300-350 square feet with one coat, this depends on the paint being used as some paints are thicker than others. This coverage can vary based on factors such as the surface texture, porosity, and color of the surface being painted. It is important to always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific coverage recommendations, as well as consider the need for additional coats for proper coverage and finish. By calculating the square footage of the area to be painted and dividing it by the estimated coverage per gallon, one can accurately determine the amount of paint needed for a project. This practice ensures efficient material usage, cost-effectiveness, and a successful outcome for any painting job.

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