Airless Spayer Issues


Recently my company took a job painting the inside of a home where we used an airless sprayer to spay the walls and ceilings.

We used a semi-gloss paint and airless sprayer and did not backroll. After the completion of the job we noticed during the touch up process that our paint (out of the same 5 gallons) did not match. In fact there was a significant shade difference…why is this?

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  1. Infrequently with sub-par paint, a "bad batch" will pass thru inspection (at the Factory) and be sold to a customer… this is the Base Coat batch that is typically tinted to your specs…

    It can cause all types of problems such as what you are experiencing…

  2. I have had this happen with cheaper paint in the past. I had a rep tell me the pressure in the machine and at the tip can change the color of the paint, sounds far fetched but what can you do. In order to do the touch ups you will need to use paint put through the airless.

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