Air bubbles in industrial enamel.


I’m currently working with Sherwin Williams industrial enamel alkyd on exterior wood, that has been previously painted with an exterior alkyd enamel. I’m getting air bubbles in my finish. I tried thinning it, still getting air bubbles, I tried adding jap drier and thinning it, and I’m still getting some bubbles although a lot less… any suggestions?

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  1. The problem is the industrial enamel. It has some hot thinner in it that is causing a chemical reaction with the old paint, off gassing. Most likely this is the source of the bubbles. The driers helped as it speeds up the dry time, less time for the chemical reaction. Right now all I can think of is priming the surface first (before painting) and allowing the primer to dry really well.

    If I can think of anything else I will try to remember to post it.

    1. Application under high humidity or temperature conditions, wet wood, or air entrapment during the rolling or spraying process can trap air and cause bubbles.

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